Come and join us for an enchanted Syrian evening located  Montreal’s chic and gastronomic heart of Outremont, on Van Horne Avenue. At Restaurant Damas, a uniquely comfortable microcosm will greet you with warm colours, velours, carved wood, and multicoloured lights.

We like to think that Damas is reminiscent of the tale of a thousand and one nights – an abundant, mysterious, and enticing tapestry enriched by our generous wine cellar.

Damas is a crossroads of Eastern and Western cultures and narratives, with an inviting atmosphere. And just like the tale of one thousand and one nights, the best way to experience it is to come and immerse yourself in the atmosphere, time and again.

The true magic of Damas relies on its intersectional nature – its ability to reunite people of diverse origins, whether from across the street or the world. You have undoubtedly heard the names of many of our regulars – but we do not name drop nor eavesdrop. Whether you come from Mile End or the end of the world, you are the hero, the missing ingredient.